P.A.C. Competitive Program

Why Competitive Dance?  Competitive Dance offers the student an opportunity to strive for goals. It offers great exercise as well as life lessons of working hard, obtaining their goals and learning how to graciously accept winning as well as how to accept defeat.  Competition builds character and teaches your child how to be responsible. There is a special bonding that dancers have and these memories and and life lessons will serve them forever.


P.A.C. Competitive Program Values:  Our program is an intensive dance program that has a high level of technical training.  Although training is important we also stress sportsmanship, respect for your fellow dancers, teachers and parents.  As well, we expect our dancers to respect our competitors by sharing rehearsal space at competitions as well as being friendly to all dancers and studios.


What is expected of the Parents: We expect our parents to want to instill the same values as we do with your child. Placement of each child will be done by the choreographer – please do not question their decisions. Our goal is to give the dancers the best training possible and to do that, they must be placed in a class that they will continue to learn and grow.



We expect parents will not tolerate any unbecoming behavior at class or competitions from their child.


We expect that the parents will make every effort to get their children to class on time.


We expect if there is a concern that you will bring it to our attention in a friendly and mature manner (Please remember we cannot solve problems if we don’t know they exist).


We expect the parents to be supportive of their child, their children’s classmates, their teachers and their studio.


DANCERS REQUIREMENTS:  Dancers coming into the P.A.C. program must have a good solid background in dance. Once you have auditioned and have been accepted to the P.A.C. competitive Program you must:

     1)  Attendance is mandatory; the only exception is if you are ill.

     2)  Competitive Dancers cannot miss classes 3 weeks prior to competition, if this happens the teacher will have the right to either replace that

          dancer or take them out of the routine for that up-coming competition.

     3)  Dancers must take a minimum of three classes per week (including technique).

     4)  Dancers must be ready for class, hair off face and black dance wear as well as the proper shoes.

     5)  Dancers are to use the washroom between classes as we do not want to disturb the class by dancers coming in and out of the classroom.

     6)  Dancers are expected to give 100% at every class.

     7)  Water bottles only in the dance areas, no chewing gum in the dance area or in any theaters.

     8)  Dancers will be given a check list prior to competition to make sure you have everything you need.  PLEASE USE IT To ensure you are not

          missing anything for the competition.

     9)  Dancers must always display a positive attitude both in class and in Public regarding their fellow dancers, teachers and studio.

   10)  After 5 missed classes, meeting with dancer, parent and studio director to discuss commitment.

EXPECTED COST:  As with any competitive sport, there are fee’s involved. However, the training and discipline as well as learning responsibility is an investment in your Child's future.

As well as your lessons fee’s, there will be a cost for costumes usually $100.00 - $150.00. There are group competition fees that are set by each competition that range anywhere from $40.00 a dancer up to $65.00 per dancer (depending on the competition)  If doing a solo, duet or trio there will be additional entry fees as set by each competition.


There is also travel expense and hotel if necessary.


Competition fee’s are non-refundable and are due by December 1 (5% added to late payments). This is the competitions policy. There have been exceptions at some competitions that will refund if you have a doctor’s note stating why you cannot attend.

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