Class Descriptions

Movers & Shakers – This class was created for children ages 3 – 4 to start exploring the world of dance.  This class is designed to stimulate the imagination through movement and music. Basic steps will be introduced to develop rhythm and coordination. The child will be encouraged to move creatively to music. Socialization is a major factor in the initial introductory stages. Emphasis is put on each child's personal needs for development. Classes are structured in a fun learning environment which includes dress-up and musical rhythm work as well as song and dance.


Acro – Acrobatic dance is the most athletic of all the dance forms. It stresses the extreme flexibility of the dancer and requires a great deal of upper body strength. Acrobatic dance  shall include many techniques, such as tumbling, balancing, contortions, and aerial tricks without hands and controlled movement, as well as acrobatic elements, static elements, jumps, hand support elements, turns, rolls, and walkovers, all of which should be connected with dance movement and dance combinations.  The emphasis is on strength, stretch, control and ease of movement, no matter what technique is being used.

Available at recreational and competitive levels


Ballet – Ballet is the basis for all dance forms, to become a strong dancer in any dance style the dancer must have a strong technical background in ballet.  Ballet greatly stresses strength, balance and control and is one of the most challenging classes offered.  Beginner to Advance classes are offered from Children to Adult ages.  

*Ballet is mandatory for our competitive dancers with emphasis on proper technique to help develop them in their other competitive classes. 


Circus Arts & Ariel Acrobatics Intro to Aerials (Ages 9-12) (12-15) (15 and up) Learn how to dance in the sky. This class will teach students how to move in the air like a circus artist! Focus will be given to Aerial Silk and Rope. By the end of this class, students will be more than comfortable in the air and will have developed a better sense of strength, grace, stamina, control, and self-confidence. 

Circus Arts & Ariel Acrobatics Prop Manipulation/Dance (Ages 6-9) (Ages 9-12) (12-15) (15 and up) Learn how to masterfully manipulate props in your dance. This course will give special attention to Hoop dance, Poi, Cyr Wheel, Staff/baton, and will specialize in developing a surreal fusion between human and object, with special focus given to key dance techniques, such as plane control and coordination. Mastery of these circus disciplines can lead to future performing in many integrated fields, such as fire/glow dance, or puppetry. 


Circus Arts & Ariel Acrobatics Basic Techniques in Circus Arts (Ages 6-9) (9-12) (12-15) (15 and up) This class will cover a wide range of rudimentary circus skills in five different families, as taught by the National Circus School. Students who take this class will learn the basics in Acrobatics, Balance, Aerials, Prop Manipulation, and Acting. 


Hip Hop – The hottest dance classes around!  Learn how to dance like your favorite hip-hop and R&B music artists.

Available at recreational and competitive levels


Jazz – HIGH ENERGY CLASS!  One of our most popular classes! Jazz is a highly vigorous, freestyle form of dance featuring the latest choreography and are taught by top choreographers, dancers will learn jumps, turns, combinations and routines. 

Available at recreational and competitive levels


Modern / Contemporary / Lyrical – Modern dance is a more relaxed form of dance developing creativity of movement and strong interpretation of music through established Modern Techniques.  A free style of dance in which choreographer’s use emotions and moods to design their own steps, in contrast to ballet’s structured code of steps.  It has a deliberate use of gravity, whereas ballet strives to be light and airy.  Lyrical / Contemporary dance is a form of dance with flowing movements, dancers tell a story through the lyrics of the dance.

Available at recreational and competitive levels


Musical Theatre – Learn to act, lip sync and dance!  Musical Theatre includes all forms of dance, acting, lip syncing, movement and expression. It is an entertaining class for all ages!  Love this class!

Available at recreational and competitive levels


Stretch & Technique – Stretch & Technique is a class designed to improve and compliment the abilities of the dancer. It works to lengthen the muscles of the body to their fullest extent, which creates a greater level of flexibility. Stretch and Technique class incorporates strengthening techniques design to build muscles and increases body control. 

*Stretch & Technique is a mandatory class for our competitive dancers with emphasis on improving flexibility and technique to help develop them in their other competitive classes.


Tap – Learn how to make music with your feet.  Tap is an audible form of dance, in which sounds and tone qualities are created by the feet and it relies heavily on rhythm. Tap is a dance form that adds another dimension to dance making it fun, and by offering instant rewards.  These upbeat classes give students exposure to a variety of tap dance techniques from classical to up-beat music of today.

Available at recreational and competitive levels

Adult ClassesHot Flash Dancers!  If you are looking for a fun class for some exercise and you love to dance you have found the right place. PAC offers a class for adults. We have a Beginner/Intermediate “Hot Flash Dancers” combo class that offers a little Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Class is available on a weeknight.

Classes are limited in size for the best dance education for your child.


Recreational Program

Dance is a great way to keep fit and have fun.  Our program is designed for all levels, ages and abilities.  Dancers will enjoy expressing their creativity as well as being in an educational, fun and positive atmosphere.  Dance offers the student lessons in coordination, rhythm and confidence.  Dance builds team spirit as well as other life lessons in sportsmanship, working with others and performance.  Dancers will have the opportunity to perform in a professional show atmosphere at Showplace Performance Centre at our year-end performance.


Our Recreational program offers a variety of different dance disciplines such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical, Acrobatics and Circus Arts & Acrobatics.  In addition, it offers an introduction to those who wish to pursue a more serious program of dance training in our Competitive Programs.


However we know competition is not for everyone, so we feel it is important that dancers wishing not to compete will still receive the same high standard and level of training as the competitive dancers.


Competitive Program

Do you like a challenge?  If so this is the program for you.  Our competitive program is designed for the dancer that is truly serious about dance.  We offer intense training for the more serious dancer.  Dancers will receive technical training as well as choreography from the full time staff as well as World renowned choreographers. 


Competitive Dancers must take ballet as well as stretch & technique class.  Competitive Acrobatic dancers must take two acrobatic classes per week.


Competition offers dancers the ability to work at their fullest potential.  It also trains them to work with others as a team, sportsmanship, self-discipline, responsibility, time management and self expression.  Although dance training is very important to us, we also consider Dance Discipline as equally important.  To be part of our competitive program our teachers, students and parents are required to display sportsmanship, support of their fellow dancers, courteous and polite to other dancers from other schools and a positive attitude at all times!


To find out more about our competitive program and levels offered click the button below, and/or to set up a competitive assessment/audition, please contact us at or 705-775-ARTS (2787).

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